Management and Administration

Dr. Shmuel Bar, Founder and CEO

Dr. Shmuel Bar holds a PhD in Middle Eastern Studies. He served for thirty years in analytic and operational positions in IDF Intelligence and in the Israeli Office of the Prime Minister, including posting abroad and leading of IT-related projects for exploitation of the Internet for open source intelligence.

Talia Avishay, HR and Office manager

Talia holds a BA in Sociology, Anthropology and international relations, as well as an MBA with a double focus both in marketing and human resources.  Talia’s responsibilities include recruiting potential employees as well as employee relations, payroll, and benefits.

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Technological Team & Analysts and Linguists

Ben Shavit, VP R&D

Ben holds a BA in Electrical engineering and is a Natural Language Processor    ( NLP) as well as a Machine Learning Software Engineer. He is also in charge of our research and development team.

Gal Arnon, Backend Developer

Gal holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science and is in charge of server-side application logic and integration of the Frontend with the Backend.

Tal Hayne, Developer

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Irena Shchupak, Senior content Analyst and Linguist

Irina holds a BA in the Arabic language and in the study of Islam and the Middle East and a MA in Islam and the Middle East.

She is in charge of construction and management of the ontology, support of the NLP development, linguistic analysis and enhancement of the knowledge base

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Shmuel Bar                           Chairman of the Board

Eli Sorzon                              Xenia Venture Capital         

Carolyn Parlato                     C&C Shorelands, Inc. and Vernon Ventures LLC

Merav Kaye                           Oriella Ltd

Glenn Carle                           Active Independent Director, former NIO for Transnational Threats at DNI


Shabtai Shavit,                    Former Head of Mossad 

James Woolsey,                  Former Director of the CIA