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Search and Analysis

The IntuView Platform contains an integrated front end that enables the user to perform both specific and “fuzzy” searches on the database that is created from the analysis of the texts. This includes:

  • Smart Search (Fuzzy Search) – the user may search for an entity or idea and the platform will retrieve all mentions of that parameter, even if they were not expressed in the same way or even in the same language.

  • Retrieval of Related Entities/Ideas – The retrieval of a search parameter also shows all related concepts that may also be of interest.

  • Focused search – enables the user to search for a specific known entity or concept or to search by document categorization

  • Predictive Coding – enables the user to search for “more of the same” after retrieving or tagging results.

  • Free Text Search – for the “old fashioned” – search by the string.

  • Concept Cloud – to view the set of concepts that are referred to in a certain set of texts according to their frequency.

  • Line and Pie/Bubble Graphs by Text Parameters – graphs of all parameters of the texts: document categories, sentiment towards entities, ideas etc.

  • Network Analysis (Relations Network Graph) – includes co-references between entities, relationships, correspondence maps and more.

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