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Our Advantage

IntuView™ is unique in the market as the only tool that goes beyond “data mining” and offers “meaning mining” - a comprehensive domain-specific solution to the need for domain-specific intelligence extraction and document exploitation.

Most of the tools in this field are generic Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies that perform tasks such as morphological analysis, part of speech (POS) analysis at diverse levels, named entity recognition (NER) or “entity extraction”, generic topic classification and document-level or entity-level sentiment identification. Some offer an automated translation of foreign language texts. Some of the tools make use of a generic ontology for text classification. However, these tools are generic by nature, hence they suffer from low levels of detail and accuracy in analysis and classification of documents and they are incapable of “reading between the lines” of the text and providing comprehension beyond entity extraction.

IntuView™, on the other hand, was designed to emulate as closely as possible the intuition and analytical processes of subject matter experts. IntuView™, therefore, is not merely a “platform”, but a comprehensive solution including an expert knowledgebase and culture and domain-specific algorithms that enable the in-depth understanding of information that is implicit in the document. 

The following is a table summarizing the difference between IntuView and other NLP technology providers:

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