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Name Analyser

IntuView Name Analyser is provided as a separate system and is marketed in Europe under an agreement with the Dutch company “The Rhythm Section (TRS)” as “Cricket”.



The IntuView Name Analyser performs the following functions:

  • Analysis and vetting of names of persons and to identify the name components, ethnicity, and gender in order to flag inconsistencies and anomalies.

  • Resolution of the name by examining the different name components are identified, examined and finding their roles according to the naming conventions of the ethnicity that the name comes from.

  • Normalization of the name into an agreed Latin-based format, names that are provided in non-English source languages (including, languages that are written in Latin script with additional letters, Arabic, Cyrillic, Korean-Chinese-Japanese, et alia). This format must enable disambiguation of the name from other similar sounding names.

  • Determining of a confidence score for the identification of the original name.

  • Vetting of all parts of each of the names for completeness, cultural and linguistic compatibility, and potential anomalies.

  • Vetting of all names for compatibility with the declared country of origin or ethnic origin of the bearer of the name.

  • Identification of persons who carry variants of the same name and may be the same person.

  • Determining whether two people in the database have a potential family relationship.

  • Creation of a database of the vetted names.

  • Enabling multi-value search on a database of names for potential matches.

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