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Social Media

The IntuView Social Media Monitor can be applied to Intel requirements as follows:



  • Mapping of the individuals, organizations and places that are in the focus of the various groups and the elements that are involved in the discourse and the co-relationships between them.

  • Identification of foreign fighters –by use of their parent tongues or references. This could support analysis of the involvement of foreign fighters and the national origins of those fighters and the extent of their links and projection back to their home countries, which may lead to terrorist recruitment or destabilization.

  • Mapping of relations - between the groups and within them through co-references of persons, places, and organizations and sentiment to provide a picture of clusters of actors in the field by individual identity or type. This would provide not only a static picture but also a basis for analysis over the period of the pilot of

  • Analysis of the leadership and command and control within the different groups. This will include relations of command and control, hostility, family-tribe, mentors-follower, etc.

  • Analysis of sentiment of the rank and file of the different factions vis-à-vis their leadership, the regime and other involved parties.

  • Mapping of targets, missions (“near enemy” or “far enemy”) and short-term and long-term goals of the objects of analysis.

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