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Library Deep Research

IntuScan can be adapted for use in libraries - general, professional or corporate - to quickly drill down to the relevant documents needed in research or reference. The automated analytics of the documents replaces the need for librarians to manually apply “key words” to books in order to find them.


The ontological search then enables the user to look for a general concept or a number of specific sub-concepts in combination with others. It also allows the user to identify books which may contain important information on the relationship between entities. For example, if a researcher now wants to write on the relations between two persons - A and B - his search would return all books or articles that were manually tagged as containing the names of A and B. However this does not necessarily mean that there was any joint context for the two persons. Many texts may just mention them en passant without any relation between them. Others which speak about them were not tagged so are not returned. String search does not return texts in other languages.


The IntuView Ontological Search is based on analysis of all texts in all languages and input of all instances of both persons into the database. The search then finds all the texts (books, articles) in which the two are referred in close co-reference or with the syntactic connection between them. Texts in all supported languages are returned.

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