Meaning Mining
Our goal is to extract not only the face value of the text
but context and culture-specific implicit meaning that
appears between the lines of unstructured text.
Ontology Driven
IntuView technology applies existing expert human 
knowledge and packages it in ontologies that serve 
as the basis for analysis of the text as well as search
Semantic Text Analysis
IntuView provides tools for a variety of text analytics 
tasks - triage of large amounts of unstructured texts, 
entity recognition, name matching and more


Asylum Seeker Vetting Toolkit

The Asylum Seeker Vetting Toolkit will create a protocol in which to gather the information from subjects, automatic matching of the responses, analys the names, identify the person in the correct context and match it with the person's ideological backround.


IntuScan extracts all relevant information from large amounts of unstructured texts to generate the IntuScan graph, a structured graphical representation, and a readable report of the documents, entities, sentiments, ideas and other implicit information. Although IntuScan is a generic platform, it uses domain-specific ontologies to process texts at the semantic level.


Identifies, disambiguates and matches names of persons, places, institutions, etc. from unstructured and structured sources, and links them to contextual information for further identification, creating a virtual “identity card” of the person behind that name: possible affiliations, name variants, ethnic origin, gender, family/tribal links etc.  


The explosive recipe detection module identifies whether a document refers to “recipes” for building explosives or chemical based weapons.


IntuScan™ DOCEX extracts relevant information from large quantities of unstructured texts written in a variety of supported languages, and generates a structured representation and natural language report, which includes the characterization of the document, identified entities, and other information implicit in the document.


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